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printing firm

printing firm

Come for a one stop shop for printing services where quality matters and we leave our customer  satisfied. the firm was  started  2011 and fully register in Kenya in march 2012.  come meet very  enthusiastic  young  entrepreneurs who are working to ensure your needs are catered for at the right time, right   quality and and with unique designs.
Everything you need is hear  with some of the specialties as below.

just call +254728985949 or email and all your inquires and needs will be met.

 Banners
 Big color posters  
 Black and white digital printing
 Brochures
 Business cards
 Calendars
 Carbon-less forms
 Color printing
 Door hangers
 Envelopes
 Flyers
 Labels
 Letterheads  
 Manuals, booklets, and catalogs
 Memo and notepads name badges newsletters postcards
 Presentation folders
 Programs and announcements rack brochures
 Reports
  • T-shirts
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Supply Chain/Procurement Made Easier with Business Intelligence Blog

Brian, a procurement professional, has an “a-ha” moment when he realizes analytics can make work easier and help optimize supply chain performance for increased customer satisfaction levels.

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The Changing Face Of Procurement

Commitment Matters

Close relationships are frequently associated with a lack of rigor. They tend to prevent innovation and act as a barrier to new talent or competition. As a result, pressure builds and change, when it comes, can be violent.

To safeguard this change, the new powers introduce a period of strong controls and create methods to ensure compliance. For example, take this quote: “Trust has been replaced by contracts and the bonds of allegiance by the monitoring of behavior, backed up by the ever present threat of financial penalties”.

This could surely be a description of the last ten years, when the forces of globalization have destroyed many traditional relationships and compliance, control and commoditization have been the watch-words of corporate behavior. loyalty has been sacrificed for the cheapest source of supply. Contracts have become a weapon for financial penalties.

However, this quote comes from a history of the English king…

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Put simply, I don’t trust either of us

Commitment Matters

Last week, IACCM ran a workshop for a group of its Australian members. The topic was “Tackling project risk through improved commercial process” and the audience came exclusively from the buy side – a mix of procurement, contract management and project management professionals.

There was wide acceptance of the idea that improved management of risk depends on a more holistic and open approach by both suppliers and customers. Participants acknowledged that imbalance in risk allocation and a focus on the consequences of failure results in behaviors that undermine trust and respect between the parties, which in turn reduces the probability of a successful outcome.

We ran an exercise in which the audience identified the types of behavior needed to support a healthy and productive relationship. They listed attributes such as openness, honesty, quality of communications. When asked to rank their own organization’s performance on these attributes, there was a wide…

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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